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ZKULLS INSTA 360 X2 mount
ZKULLS INSTA 360 X2 mount
ZKULLS INSTA 360 X2 mount
ZKULLS INSTA 360 X2 mount
ZKULLS INSTA 360 X2 mount

ZKULLS INSTA 360 X2 mount

This mount is made for the INSTA 360 2X .All buttons and the screen are accessible when mounted. Pitch the camera forward and back and adjust it to your personal angle and needs. The mount comes with all the bits to screw or to stick with original 3M double sided VHB sticky tape. The mounts low profile base sticks with 3M or with 2 x 4mm screws to your helmet shell. The camera case screws to the LPS base (included). 

In case you are switching a GoPro camera (that you have mounted with a LPS mount) with the INSTA, you use the identical LPS base. All you have to do is switch the camera casings of the mounts.

As standard the INSTA mount comes in BLACK. 

The mount is light weight and snag free. The INSTA slides out within seconds to access the battery or card and attaches with a 1/4" camera screw inside the mount.

The installation is straight forward and easy and doesn't restrict your helmets visor function at all.

When jumping without camera or flying in the wind tunnel, the casing disconnects easily from the LPS base by releasing 2 srews. If the mount is screwed the complete mount can be removed from the helmet quickly.

For customized colors get in contact with us by e-mail.


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