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About 360 and RAM AIR

Ram Air Sky Sport is our physical shop in Empuriabrava and a brand by Jip Aviacio SLU. 360 Sky Pro is our 24h online shop service


Since 1991 we are passionately involved in skydiving and since many years we're running Europe's largest skydiving store. One of our main efforts is to give professional equipment advice to our customers, that's one reason why our entire sales staff is also Skydiving-active outside the job. They all either Skydive or Tunnel-Fly.

For many years we have grown with the evolution of parachute equipment and we are familiar with older-, newer- and brand new material. From the era before the Cypres and the elliptical canopies and with long climbs to low exit altitudes until today.

Until a few years ago we were partly involved in the development of equipment of known international manufacturers. Whether design, technology or material testing, we were involved in all these areas and learned a lot about skydiving equipment during this time. Now we offer parts of this experience to our customers.

At "360 Sky Pro" we limit ourselves to only offer high quality and trustful material made by known manufacturers. Safety is our top goal and we will never compromise safety by offering less quality equipment because of a cheaper price.

Although our main area is the advice for equipment and the sale of parachute material, we are/were also active in most other areas of skydiving. Whether it was the organization of World Cups, being member of World Championship organisations, World Cup and World Championship competing, holding international skydiving related seminars, partial ownership of the world's largest DZ and skydiving school, being advisor of several skydiving federations, the creation of new and worldwide known Swoop competitions ... , don't worry, we've done it all, "we have the T-shirt".

We are super happy to share information and advice with all of our customers. Should you wish a recommendation regarding any kind of parachute equipment, we know for sure what the "right stuff" for your needs is.


If you are searching for a real PRO SHOP ... , welcome to 360 SKY PRO.

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