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WEDGE altimeter MLW mount
WEDGE altimeter MLW mount
WEDGE altimeter MLW mount
WEDGE altimeter MLW mount

WEDGE altimeter MLW mount

Wing suit flying and easily reading the altimeter ... the WEDGE solves this problem.

The mount can quickly and easily be installed onto most rigs ring cover. It is flexible in order to prevent injuries and to enable tight exits.

All Velcro® straps are delivered with extra length to fit to most comercially available parachute rigs. After installing the mount onto the rig, the access Velcro® may be shortened with a pair of regular scissors. No fraying will occur.

The actual altimeter may be attached to The Wedge with the supplied cord and the special heavy duty cord-lock. Backplates with little screws, like on an Altimaster IV, may be used as well. The cord and cord-lock become then obsolete.

- Made out of 50 mm webbing and stiffener plate as well as a specially heat treated stainless steel sheet metal spring.
- 2” (50mm) UniLoop for cheststrap (Reducerloops 2” to 1” ( 50/25mm) available upon request w/o charge)
- Stretch-Pocket with spacerfoam piece.
- Manual

For mounting a VISO altimeter we stitch the rubber section of the VISO wristmount to the wedge. 


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Sales outside the EU are not charged tax.
Final payment is in Euros.

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