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TONFLY Classic
TONFLY Classic
TONFLY Classic
TONFLY Classic

TONFLY Classic

Classic is an all-weather/all-around suit and with its versatility, power and performance. It´s definitely the best-seloler suit in the Tonfly wide range of models.

Constructed with highest quality materials on the market, and with a sightly tight fit. Classic embodies all the Tonfly iconic characteristics and technologies, especially designed for human flight.

The main body is fabricated of Cordura 180, breathable non-elastic material with great power and resistance. 

We offer te choice of Cordura 500 in the ellbow, knees and buttock areas, which guarantees better abraison resistance properties and greater durability to those areas mostly affected by wear and tear.

It can be configuered in the two versions Classic S or Classic I; S for Skydiving, I for indoor flying. 


The difference between the two versions is given by the coice of fabric on the back panel: in the Skydiving version, the back is entirely built using Diamant Elastic: a wind repellant, 4-way stretch fabric. While the Indoor version, the Diamant Elastic fabric is replaced by the Cordura 180, a breathable, non-stretch material more suitable for indoor flying. 



We offer an extremly wide choice of options and customizations: 




Contact us for delivery time and measuring details:


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