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TONFLY 2X Size 53 Feather Design

TONFLY 2X Size 53 Feather Design

TONFLY 2X, the allrounder that can be jumped without cameras and capable to be set up with all kind of video- and/or photo equipment.
Tight and stable on your head and comfortable at the same time. Super lightweight and handmade from carbon fiber.
  • chin-cup with cut-away
  • audible port right black
  • Z-Kulls Mount
  • special design
  • original price 720€

The original Zkulls3N allows you to quick connect cameras within seconds to your helmet. Use the helmet with or  without camera(s), within 2 seconds you can change your helmet set up and adapt your 2x to your jumping needs.

Audible altimeters can be located inside the helmet shell on the left side. On the Right side you have an external audible port.

€533.60 inc VAT (21%)
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