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PUD for GPS Tracker
PUD for GPS Tracker
PUD for GPS Tracker
PUD for GPS Tracker
PUD for GPS Tracker

PUD for GPS Tracker

This Pud comes without the GPS tracker. You can order the tracker separately from or choose the corresponding product including the tracker in our shop.

RECOVER YOUR LOST CANOPY after a cut away or locate stolen equipment.

With the invoxia GPS: GPS zone tracking (between 5 and 80m) and a hot/cold proximity radar for the last meters. It has a large autonomy to allow you to find your canopy or rig, even after several days.

The GPS PUD gets stitched and replaces the pud of your main canopy pilot chute. Same shape and feel as an original Freefly Pud handle. The invoxia GPS tracker is packed into this PUD handle. You can insert and remove it with ease.

The invoxia GPS Tracker doesn't require a SIM-card as it relies on a technology different from Cellular, dedicated to connected objects, with 3-years of included data plan.

When buying the GPS Tracker, you have 3-year data plan included. This leaves you plenty of time to judge if the product fits your needs.
After this period is over, you will be notified in the app and by email that it is time to renew your subscription, for a cost starting at 9.90€ per year (for a 3 years renewal). Just follow the instructions to renew. You will have the option to buy a several-year data-plan for an interesting price.

Depending on your country / region some networks may or may not be covered. Europe is pretty much fully covered, some countries outside Europe are covered, others are getting developped at the moment.
In order to ensure the proper functioning of your GPS Tracker, we recommend that you check your eligibility. Go to to see coverage.


Contact us for custom colours.

Please Note:
Sales within the EU are taxed at the tax rate of your country.
Sales outside the EU are not charged tax.
Final payment is in Euros.

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