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ParaSport NeoXS audible altimeter

ParaSport NeoXS audible altimeter

The new case makes the NeoXs 2 the smallest audible on the market, and can fit every skydiving headwear without being uncomfortable. It is made of a single piece of strong, injected anti-shock nylon to carefully protect the electronics on the inside. And it's waterproof!

The NeoXs 2 provides:
Up to 3 separate freefall altitude warning
Up to 3 separate canopy altitude warnings
A countdown timer
Audible signals are distinct and easily recognizable.

The NeoXs 2 also introduces the PRO SWOOP signals, a mode where altitude signals under the open canopy become more frequent the more the skydiver gets closer to the ground, until becoming a flat signal when reaching the lowest swoop altitude set. This will help in following more accurately a flight path to the landing area.

Product Specifications

  • Microprocessor based audible altimeter
  • Wide size LCD
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Real time altitude indicator
  • Altitude range: 0..10.000 meters (0..33,000 ft)
  • Up to three separate freefall altitude warnings
  • Freefall warning altitude set with 100 feet (25 meters) increments
  • First freefall altitude warning goes off at any speed, the others only in freefall
  • Up to three separate canopy altitude warnings
  • Canopy altitude warning set with 10 feet (5 meters) increments
  • Powerful audible signals, distinct and easily recognizable
  • Countdown timer
  • Four customizable user profiles
  • PRO SWOOP signals
  • Self-calibration (manual reset allowed), self-test, no power-on, ultra-low power consumption
  • Easily programmable on the ground or while climbing to altitude
  • Water resistant, single piece, anti-shock case.
  • Battery: 1 x CR2032
  • Size: 51 x 39 x 10 mm (2.00” x 1.54” x 0.39”)
€259.00 inc VAT (21%)
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