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ParaSport Aeronaut

ParaSport Aeronaut

The mechanical altimeter made by Parasport has been redesigned, keeping the same sturdy, affordable, accurate mechanism. Calibrated up to 6.000 m (19.000 ft), with a temperature compensated aneroid capsule, the Aeronaut gives accurate readings along the full range of operation.

The new case is now completely made of aluminum, and its round shape of 55 mm (2" 1/4) diameter, with a thickness of just 21 mm (3/4”), makes it very compact. Glass is shock and scratch resistant.

And now the Aeronaut is also water resistant!

New mounts, with steel brackets, are very easy to replace, and quite reliable. The orientation can be interchanged, so the same instrument can be hand mounted or wrist mounted just by changing the mount.

New designs of the faces make altitude reading simple and fast, with just a quick look, with figures that are large, but correctly spaced. The new design of the hand completes the look with improved clearness.

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