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Audible altimiter and data recorder.   

PROTRACK II™ gives skydivers a full plate of information about their skydives INSTANTLY on the large LCD viewscreen.
Whether you fly on your head, turn points like a banshee, dock first on a big-way, surf the clouds or are just learning to skydive, PROTRACK II™ is the perfect audible altimeter solution for you. L&B has also added special data collection parameters and preset dive types for both WINGSUIT FLIGHT and B.A.S.E. JUMPING making the PROTRACK™ even more versatile for every type of jump and every kind of jumper.
PROTRACK™ can be easily set for 1 to 4 loud and distinct warning altitudes for freefall and up to 4 warning altitudes under canopy. The PROTRACK II will log your detailled jump information as electronic logbook. Connect to other devices with mini USB port.

See your exit altitude, freefall time, average freefall speeds, maximum speed reached and deployment altitude of your skydive as soon as you land.
No other audible altimeter available gives you the versatility, accuracy and reliability like PROTRACK II.  PROTRACK II the most advanced, user friendly, and accessible audible altimeter electronic logbook/freefall computer available to skydivers.
PROTRACK II is everything you would ever want in an audible altimeter. New technology advances in speed calculation have been developed by L&B so that skydivers can now record and compare their freefall speeds accurately.

- 4 selectable warning altitudes for freefall.
- 4 selectable warning altitudes for under canopy
- mini USB port
- 1st & 2nd warnings: Different pulsating tones.
- 3rd warning: High pitched siren!
- Your choice of 1, 2, or 3 or 4 warnings.
- Choice of LO or HI warning alarm volume.
- Continuously stores detailed information about the last 200 jumps, including: Date, jump number, exit altitude, opening altitude, freefall time and 4 different speed statistics for:
- Maximum speed achieved.
- Average freefall speed for the dive.
- Average speed of the first half of the dive.
- Average speed of the second half of the dive.
- Choice of display in MPH or KPH
- Choice of altitude reading in Feet or Meters.
- Previously accumulated freefall time and number of jumps can be programmed into the PROTRACK.™
- Saves detailled jump information
- Preprogramming of dive type.
- Can be turned completely off or set to Economy or Automatic modes to conserve your battery’s power and longevity.
- No data is lost when replacing batteries.
- Real time clock.

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