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L&B ARES Wedge

L&B ARES Wedge

Mount your ARES II on a small, durable foam wedge that easily mounts to your chest strap.

The L&B ARES Wedge Mount has webbing sewn to the backside of the mount that has two channels built in for routing your chest strap: one for Type-17 (narrow) and Type-8 (wide). These two channels have a rubberized gripper surface to help keep the mount from moving and sliding on your chest strap.

Your ARES II fits securely into our ingenious holder system.

Each L&B ARES Wedge Mount comes with our ARES Tool for installation and removal of your ARES unit to or from the mount.

Perfect for wingsuit, swooping, FS, or VFS to add to your altitude awareness arsenal!
€40.99 inc VAT (21%)
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