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Cypres 2 Tandem

Cypres 2 Tandem


Reliable safety for two.

A tandem jump not only requires the special skills of the tandem master but also a important sense of responsibility for the passenger. We help ensure that the fun part for the passenger does not end with a fatal experience. We have developed a special AAD for your tandem jump that lets you benefit from our reliable safety and quality even with a passenger on board: the Tandem CYPRES 2.
You can easily identify it by the siginificant blue button and the Tandem imprint.
The Tandem CYPRES 2 has a default activation altitude of 1,900 feet (580 meters) to provide maximum safety.

Standard Settings:

Activation speed: approx. >78 mph (35 m/s)
Activation altitude: approx. 1,900 feet (580 meters)


Please contact us at for delivery time.

€1,240.00 inc VAT (21%)
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