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Cypres 2 Student
Cypres 2 Student
Cypres 2 Student

Cypres 2 Student



More safety under your parachute, more time to prepare for landing.
The Student CYPRES 2 is an activation device that has been developed specifically for students.

The activation altitude is higher compared to the Expert CYPRES 2 and is set for 1000 feet /300 meters. This gives you adequate time to handle any emergency situation safely, such as a partially-opened main parachute.

In such a case, you have this extra time to prepare for the landing.

Identification of the Student CYPRES 2 is the yellow button with the student label.

Special Settings:

Activation speed: >29 mph (13 m/s)
Activation altitudes: 750/1,000 feet (225/300 meters)

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