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ZKULLS CUT AWAY MOUNT - Q-LPS9 for GP 9+10+11+12
ZKULLS CUT AWAY MOUNT - Q-LPS9 for GP 9+10+11+12
ZKULLS CUT AWAY MOUNT - Q-LPS9 for GP 9+10+11+12

ZKULLS CUT AWAY MOUNT - Q-LPS9 for GP 9+10+11+12

CUT AWAY CAMERA mount and low Profile Slider for GoPro 9-12 at the same time. Comes with all the bits to screw or to stick with original 3M double sided VHB sticky tape. The mounts low profile base sticks with 3M or with 2 x 4mm screws to your helmet shell. The camera case connects with a pin system to the base. The camara angle angle is easy and quickly adjustable. The side flap that covers the GoPro 9-12's battery and card and also for charging can be flipped open without removing the camera.

Pulling the pin from the mount releases the camera case with camera from the base of the mount. A separate cover plate covers the base of the mount when using the helmet without camera.

As standard the Zkulls LPS9 comes in BLACK. If you'd like to have a different color or you like to mix colors and have a different color base (eg. red base + black case), we can do that, just send us an e-mail with your combination. We will check availability.

Made from resisting non cracking material this mount is light weight, snag free and allows to easily access the camera. The GoPro slides out within a second to access the battery or card and slides in using only one hand when you're wearing the helmet.

The installation is straight forward and easy and doesn't restrict your helmets visor function at all.

When jumping without camera or flying in the wind tunnel, the casing disconnects easily from the base by releasing 2 srews. If the mount is screwed the complete mount can be removed from the helmet quickly.

Before mounting the LPS mount, make sure that your DZ rules, NAC rules and other national or international reglementations allow the use of the camera mount and the cut away system.

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