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What is so special about the G35, which is the replacement for our G3 helmet? It has many improvements over the G3, including:

  • More coverage and protection, as the back is lower than the G3 yet still easy to get into

  • Replaceable liner over EPP internal cap with ventilation channels using the latest materials available

  • Padded chin area for more comfort

  • Functional audible pockets and more room for your ears

  • Quieter, due to integrated visor and slicker side plate design

You can also customize the G35 by:

  • Mixing and matching the helmet and top plate colours to give your helmet a unique look

  • Adding a skid plate to protect your helmet when flying in the wind tunnel

  • Adding a utility plate to fit a cutaway roller mount with cutaway handle

Note: the G35 is not certified to the XPS-72-600 helmet standard.

The G35 helmet comes packaged in its own printed box. Inside, you will receive a G35 helmet instruction manual, G35 helmet bag, and one loop hex tool.

We have constant stock. If you need a quick delivery, contact us for the current stock list. Custom orders for helmets that are not in stock will take around 4-6 weeks to deliver.


Please Note:
Sales within the EU are taxed at the tax rate of your country.
Sales outside the EU are not charged tax.
Final payment is in Euros.

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