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Specially designed for tunnel flying but also great for the sky.
The ergonomic cut allows you to move freely even with the minimum amount of elastic and a tight fit.

A tunnel suit needs a proper good and tight fit. A good suit can only be made with EXACT measurements. We at 360 Sky Pro are doing this since more than 20 years and we are measuring PROs. We can help with information about how to measure and what to look at to receive your perfect suit.

The ergonomic crotch keeps the suit in place all the time.

Great power and easy to fly.

Choose from a variety of options:


Thanks to the "cone" collar, no wind enters and the suit doesn't blow up.

Made with cordura 180/500 and Diamant elastic and the choice from many colors gives you the oportunity to create exactly the suit you need !

Another piece of TONFLY art !


Please Note:
Sales within the EU are charged 21% tax.
Sales outside the EU are not charged tax.
Final payment is in Euros.

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