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TONFLY Uno.618 flex
TONFLY Uno.618 flex
TONFLY Uno.618 flex
TONFLY Uno.618 flex

TONFLY Uno.618 flex

Uno.618 Flex is the ultimate Technical suit to fly, it feels like a second skin.

The presence of diamant elastic joints, combined with Cordura® Flex parts, allows a ultra tight fight and complete freedom of movement.


  • Knee part available in Cordura® Flex, Cordura® 180 or Cordura® 500.
  • The Zippers on the ankles allow you to wear it easily and have it tight during flight.
  • Chest area available in Cordura® Flex, Cordura® 180 or Orion speed Winstopper Fabric.
  • Buttock in Cordura® 180.


Different from the uno.618 Race.
Faster, incredibly comfortable, but less resistant to abrasion.
The uno.618 Flex has the same cut as the uno.618 Race, but flexible.
The Diamant Elastic is in the same suit parts as the uno.618 Race, to be more structured and protective from
weather conditions.


Sublimation Prints are available on the Cordura® Flex or Cordura® 180 parts.
Embroidery are available as well on Cordura® FLex, but not as much as on the classic Cordura® 180, in order to preserve elasticity.
Custom Designs are available on request, while Special Designs Patterns are available on the Configurator and on the Graphics Website Section



Contact us for delivery time and measuring details:


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Final payment is in Euros.

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