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TONFLY Uno.618 sky
TONFLY Uno.618 sky
TONFLY Uno.618 sky
TONFLY Uno.618 sky
TONFLY Uno.618 sky

TONFLY Uno.618 sky


The TONFLY Uno.618 is your tight suit with long arm and long leg section. Made especially  for freeflying and tunnel flying. Highest quality made with superb materials like Diamant elastic, Cordura and Orion Speed in a trendy design.

Apart from a high quality suit manufacturer, the highest importance is to get the measurements right. At 360 Sky Pro we're taking measurements since the beginning of Tonfly suits and we are confident to give you all the hints and tips to get your suit in the perfect cut so when you wear it, your first impression is a really tight suit, but very comfortable.

Front and rear leg parts with elastic pannels so your tight fit stays flexible on your body.

Available options:

SPEEDY suit, ready to go FAST!


Customize your TONFLY and choose from a large variety of colours for the suit pannels:


Contact us for delivery time and measuring details:


Please Note:
Sales within the EU are taxed at the tax rate of your country.
Sales outside the EU are not charged tax.
Final payment is in Euros.

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