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SONIC SoniX Competition Suit
SONIC SoniX Competition Suit
SONIC SoniX Competition Suit

SONIC SoniX Competition Suit

The “SONIX” was developed in partnership with the best team of VR4 and world champions, the Belgians “Hayabusa”, to create this model which, today is without any doubt a top-of-range product in terms of quality and performance. Thank you also to Pete Allum who gave his opinion and comments! This suit was developed keeping in mind 2 principal matters: Performance and Comfort. We didn’t hesitate to mix these , so that each part of the body can perform well and be free in movements.


To improve the speed of the flight, shoulders, arms, and front of the body up to the knees are made out of Nylon (windproof fabrics that allows wind gliding). The fore-arms are made out of Lycra for more flexibility and to penetrate the Air. The lower front legs are made out of Cordura for more resistance and more response to their action. The collar is made out of Lycra. The back, body-side and crotch are made out of Lycra for more flexibility. This suit has reinforcements out of Cordura on the most vulnerable parts: the knees and the bottom. The zip is windproof, strongly advised for the intense use in the windtunnel. The inside pocket is added for practical purposes. This suit presents simple grips on arms and on legs. They are outside grips (30mm of diameter on the arms and 40mm on the legs. If you want double grips please take the options Competition Grips. This suit doesn’t have Booties. We want to propose to our clients a choice for this. Please look at the options, the 2 different booties and choose one.

Standards Features :

  • Front and Upper arms in NYLON
  • Back and body side in LYCRA
  • Small part in POLY-COTTON on the upper back for the resistance
  • Fore arms in LYCRA with reinforcement in WINDSTOPPER on the elbow
  • Compétition Grips (double arms and legs) in Cordura, Different Inside Colour Grips
  • NEW A-BOOTIES (made in CORDURA 1000, preformed with sole reinforced, adjustable)
  • Foam knees
  • All Front Legs and Bum in Cordura, Zipper windproof
  • Inside pocket
  • All stitching is double

The Sample photo is an original World Champion Suit with sponsor patches. Your new suit will not have these patches sewn on.


Please Note:
Sales within the EU are taxed at the tax rate of your country.
Sales outside the EU are not charged tax.
Final payment is in Euros.

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