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Hypeye D PRO

Hypeye D PRO

Take charge of your video equipment with the HYPEYE D PRO Camcorder Indication and Control System. Whether you're a professional aerial videographer, a camcorder-toting snowboarder, or a seasoned mountain-bike cameraman, the HYPEYE D PRO will provide confidence in your video equipment. Made originally for skydive videographers, where you have only an instant to capture the moment, the HYPEYE D PRO is a must for all videographers capturing action sports.
The HYPEYE D PRO provides features and functionality never seen before in any camcorder controller. Its super-bright, intuitive, three LED indication system keeps you informed of your camcorder's status even when facing the sun! Its weather-resistant, single push-button interface allows you to start or stop recording with a click. Holding down the same button will turn the camcorder off to save your precious battery life. A single press wakes the camcorder up.
The HYPEYE D PRO is for select Sony Camcorders with the AV/R (D half-moon) interface.


  • 500mm 'D' cable standard version.
  • Push button to power on/off and start/stop recording
  • Toggle between record and playback modes
  • Debrief jack for non-intrusive video viewing
  • Push button protection against accidental activation
  • Zoom Memory
  • External audio sourcing
  • Nylon threaded mounting hole
  • Adjustable LED brightness
Due to Sony no longer using the AV/R port or protocol limited stock is available. This Product is no longer in production.


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