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VERTIGEN Aspro (Freefly Pro)
VERTIGEN Aspro (Freefly Pro)
VERTIGEN Aspro (Freefly Pro)

VERTIGEN Aspro (Freefly Pro)

The ASPRO is our most advanced freefly suit for all experience levels and modalities. Competitors, boogie jumpers and even beginners... the ASPRO is developed for you to ensure an incredible feeling of speed and amazing freedom during your flights.

Standard Features
- Interior mesh
- Interior pocket (16cm x 15cm with zipper).
- Cordura reinforced butt.
- Cordura reinforced knees.
- Windproof zipper

Premium Features:
- Grips (50€)
- Wrist altimeter window (30€)
- Extra interior pocket (16cm x 15cm with zipper) (20€)
- Exterior pocket (18cm x 12cm with zipper) (30€)
- Shoulder foam (15€)
- Extra drag material on arms (with zipper) (60€)
- Extra drag material on legs (with zipper) (60€)
- G-Form knee (90€)

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