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COOKIE G3 black matt

COOKIE G3 black matt

Cookie G3 HELMET:

Designed to maximize your senses the G3 helmet provides unbeatable comfort and field of vision. A high impact Polycarbonate visor provides protection against hits while keeping an undistorted view. The V-Mech assures the visor is in place at all times even in the most extreme situations being that in the tunnel or in the air. Cookie's exclusive fastening system makes sure that the helmet wraps evenly around the head without any unnecessary pressure points. The helmet liner incorporates D3O for better low impact protection during multiple hits.

The G3 can be equipped with an optional snag free GoPro Hero G3 ROLLER MOUNT to mount your camera the best and safest way.

 Since the G4 is out, we don't stock the G3 but custom order them for you. Delivery time is 8-12 weeks.


Add colorful metal sideplates to your helmet for further personalization and choose from many different colors to replace the black visor mechanism plates. 

Choose from "clear visor" or "smoked visor" to adapt your G3 to your personal needs.




ABS Shell
High Impact Polycarbonate Visor
Eleven colors choices
Sizes XS to XXL
Customizable side plates


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Final payment is in Euros.

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