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AKANDO Classic White
AKANDO Classic White
AKANDO Classic White

AKANDO Classic White

Sheep skin leather on the palm and fourway spandex on the back makes this gloves easy choice for all skydivers. Outside seams on fingers and grippy, soft, but durable leather provide maximum feel and safety during jumps.

  • soft sheep skin leather
  • maximum feel and grip
  • natural leather
  • kevlar thread
  • velcro closure

Unblock the breakes with ease after safely opening your chute, prepare your wing suit for landing are just a few of the situations where Akando classic gloves excel.
All white combination is preferred by RW and advanced jumpers, and all others who enjoy ultimate in appearance, functionality and protection.

Sizing - please read note below.
NOTE: Please take into account BOTH measures. Length is measured from the tip of the middle finger to the root of the thumb (on the glove it is the top of the velcro closure flap). Width shown is the width of the material used on the palm. Since palm is three dimensional as it has thickness too, take into account some additional 0,7 – 1,5 cm depending on the size.




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